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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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phillies back in town facing the mets, tonight. 84 degrees when the game begins. some cloud around. fine weather for a baseball game. 88 degrees is our high temperature. sunny, humid, mostly north and west. the tonight scattered storms as well and overnight low of 70 degrees. that will take you through mellow monday. you better be mellow before you go outside on the road this morning, bob, right. >> deep breath 7:00 o'clock. good morning. on a monday jammo back from the shore it is a a monday. probably one of the next to last monday where we will see everybody coming from the beach to the office. we are heavy from the atlantic city expressway all the way up to approaching that 295 interchange. you know the drill folks stay down the shore an extra night coming from the beach and office. no problems here on 202 working your way in and out of the construction zone down toward west chester, southbound i-95, woodhaven to
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downtown 21 minute trip east on the schuylkill and sun glare over the tree line at conshohocken with a 19 minute trip there. there are four septa trolleys using shuttle bus's long portions of the route, ten to 15, 101, 102. maybe go to septa's a web site and you can see the exact starting and end points. a few extra minutes needed this morning. west trenton line is using shuttle buses through wednesday between west trenton and woodbourne station. mike and alex, back to you. did you hear there are like 60,000 patco tickets available for pope's visit. >> 60,000. >> only 4,000 have been sold. again, i hope we're not scarring everybody off. >> maybe they are last minute people. >> i guess. >> it is 7:02. west chester university students, most of them will go back to the classroom today for buildings that they can get into. there is legionnaires bacteria that is circulating some of the buildings.
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>> at this .10 buildings contaminated. steve keeley is live at west chester university. hi, steve. >> reporter: well, lot of the kids moved in the dorms over weekend and that was the bigger concern. this was found in the hot water systems of ten buildings but none of the dorm buildings where you are using hot the what the tore take a shower and wash your hand and cook and clean and other stuff. this story goes back to july 6th. it wasn't a big issue because there was no classes. only one worker tested positive for legionnaires disease, a a bacteria causing legionnaires disease was found in eight buildings on campus. it was eradicated from a outside company and just as classes were about to begin today they figured lets do a precautionary check. they have found it in ten other build initial those hot water systems. what they have done is they have shut them down, they are super clear nateing those holt water systems. and despite not having any hot
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water those buildings will be opened and west chester says that we wouldn't open these build physician we didn't think it was completely safe. still a lot of concerns from a lot of parents who moved their kids in over the weekend. >> they have sent out communication to put our mind at east so we know our kids are safe and i'm pretty calm that they have done what need to be done. >> i have classes there too so i didn't even know that was happening and i'm all freaked out. i feel like they wouldn't put us in the the classroom if it was risky so i'm not too worried bit. >> it is an ongoing problem that they will continue to take care of it. whatever they are doing to take care of it, i guess they will try something stronger. >> as long as precautions are taken for student and faculty i'm sure that will be fine here. >> reporter: before wrote these college kid were born talking 39 years ago, 17 or 18 years before they were born when legionnaire bees came notorious and notoriously
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linked with philadelphia too because that is where it was first discovered, back in philly, bicentennial year when 34 people a end to go american legion convention in philadelphia, right at the then called bellevue stratford hotel on broad street, had it. 221 of more than 2,000 people got sick attend ago this convention, and ever since it has been found out, that it exists in the world, they cannot get rid of it completely. it has within popping up from spain, netherland a lot of people died from this when they find it. usually they don't find it until everybody gets sick but it ace a wicked form of pneumonia and a lot of times after you have it, is there nothing you can do because you are so sick. going from the bacteria form that they have found here, to the wicked form of the pneumonia is a long jump and again, the school is telling people that look we wouldn't put any kid life in jeff difficult or the possibility of getting sick if we thought they bug was taken over the
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school. that is what they are doing here it is nothing to mess with here. 7:05. well, developing this morning a multiple shooting in trenton, three people were injured. >> let's get to jenny who has been on the scene a couple hours this happened at 3:30 this morning. hi there, jenny. >> reporter: hi alex and mike. it happened four hours ago. there is a large area that remains roped off here this morning. we talk to the cousin of the two of the victims hoist a friend of the third victim and he says they are in the 20's and early 30's. he got a call from the relative around 3:00 this morning. he rushed to the scene here at robeling avenue and washington street in trenton. all three victims were transported from the scene to local hospitals. police are not given us official information as to how they are doing but his rick tim was told another was in the back and arm. one was shot the in the neck abe a friend was shot in the leg. >> do you have any idea about who did this. >> i have no idea.
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you know, actually, we live in an area where is there so much crime. you can hang out with your friend and you really don't know what will happen. i have in word to describe what i'm feeling right now. they are close to me. i have no word to describe it. >> reporter: trenton police are investigating, in one has released any information. we know the family is anxious for answers too, mike and alex. of course. 7:06. we have 31 aways from the pope's visit in philadelphia and today organizers with the world meeting of families will release the papal play book. >> it is a web site, not a book. any questions you might have about getting around, supposedly will be answered. >> so they say it is a comprehensive all you need to know web site. on it will be things such as how to participate in services, how to get around
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and even what to do if you have the a pet. >> really. >> mayor nutter joined us on fox 29 weekend and joined us advice. he said if you get here without a plan, well, you are in for a rude, wakening. if you sign up on the site you will be notified of the changes in the cities plans. we have a lincoln our web site at my fox >> so there is a change you will get an leather would i think. >> yes. >> someone mentioned you should have an app, to get a text message, anywhere you want. >> develop it. >> a pope app. >> but somebody doing. >> you know somebody. >> apps are us. 7:07. the philadelphia youth congress leaders will be holding a one time meeting before the big world meeting of families. the philadelphia prison system also is involved, going to show off progress they are making on their gift to pope francis. they are making a chair. they will present him with that chair when he visits the
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curran-fromhold correctional facility, that is happening on september 27th. he quite often visits prisons around the world. happening today, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is due in a montgomery county courtroom for a preliminary hearing. >> this should be interesting. we will have a camera there of course. judge is expect to decide if kane will go on trial or not. kane is charged with perjury and several other charges. she's accuse of leaking grand jury secrets to discredit her critics and rival also. prosecutors say she then lied about the alleged leaks. pennsylvania governor tom wolf and other democrats have urged her to step down. she said she will stay on the job. 7:08. a house fire in gloucester county, two people were in the house but they made it out okay. officials say it happened at midnight at holy brook driver in mantua new jersey. fire fighters say it is all thanks to working smoke alarms it just shows how important they are. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and investigators think speed played somewhat of a
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role, in a crash that killed an off-duty police officer. three two-year old off-duty cop sergeant rafael ali, died during a horrific crash late saturday night. police say his pick up hit the center median and slammed in the tree on 600 block of henry avenue in roxborough. during a press conference yesterday police say suggested ali was going well over the speed limit they think and investigators think he may have fallen asleep. since he did not try to brake or stop the car. alcohol is not detect at all and suggested ali was wearing his seat belt. police say there were no witnesses and in surveillance video in that area. a louisiana state trooper pulled a man over for speeding. it turns out into a pursuit the man ended up shooting him with a sawed off shotgun. >> now that trooper is fighting for his life. the man is in custody and being charged with attempted
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murder. the the officer is listed in critical condition. before the the shooter was detained a group of bystanders were able to tackle him and hold him down until police got there. cameras captured the time when justin williams got hurt critically during a race. >> oh, he is gone. >> that is a hard hit right there. >> the indy car driver is in critical condition, and actual any a comb after being hit the by a flying debris from this crash yesterday. do you see it, highlight part, right there. >> hit him right in the head. >> at pocono race way. >> wilson's car veered left and ran in the inside wall. >> right here. >> a chopper air lifted him from the track and flew him in allentown. wilson is 37 and native of cher field england. >> right in the head. a direct hit too. 7:10. political watchers are waiting to see if vice-president joe bier jumps
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in the 2016 presidential race. over the weekend biden had a private meeting with senator elizabeth warren. >> how about that. >> that is a big sign. he is seriously considering getting in to the race. can you imagine them as a team. warren is a influential democrat and favorite with progressives in the party. they really wanted her to run for president. two discussed economic policy during their meeting in d.c. warren was a subject of an intense lobbying campaign to get her to run for the presidency but she has said that she won't seek the white house in 2016. warren is an advocate for economic fairness and a wall street reform. she has reframed from endorsing democratic front runner hillary clinton or any other candidate so they are endorsement is highly sought in the party. the just to reiterate she didn't give joe biden any endorsement. he has not decided to run yet. we will see what happens. republican presidential candidate new jersey governor chris christie, was in iowa over the weekend trying to
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gain supporters at the state fair. there is the longest state fair in history. he was met by protesters upset over governor's veto of a controversial pig crates bill. the group was quickly carried off the stage after jumping up. there is a bill that upset about that would keep pig s from being locked up in small metal, gestation crates for most of their lives. the christie stood behind his veto, of that. second, let me be really clear, i believe that farmers should be able to make decision about how best to raise their live shot not government by crats. i vetoed that bill twice in
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new jersey. fit comes to my desk again i will sleet the owe it again. >> over the weekend christie took on the issue of immigration reform. he came out begins recent calls to even birth right citizenship. he said that is too simplistic, for a complicated problem like immigration but christie supports building a fence along mexico/u.s. border and uses drones along that area. 7:13. concerns continue for a democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and haunting her campaign. it is all over the private e-mail network she used while serving as secretary of state. the e-mail sent and received on that network were not classified. offer 300 e-mails have been flagged for potential classified contend. her black bring was not governmental issued which means it wasn't government encrypted. supporters and opposers, battled it out yesterday on the sunday morning news show. >> a great deal of have that was not classified and, that
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is something that we will to have find out when we find out, what was on the server. >> let's be lawful and let's be smart about this. we're talking about unclassified e-mails, we're not talking about classified e-mails. and they are clearly, clearly subject to what people talk about. >> likelihood of clinton facing criminal charges like general david petraeus would depend on what she knew about the content of the changes. >> maybe we should wait and see what is in the e-mails, we start talking about it. former president jimmy carter back at it yesterday, days after, you know, telling us all about his cancer treatment. he is adding radiation. yesterday, he returned to teaching sunday school, he has been teaching at the baptist church in planes, georgia for decade, yesterday, it was a packed house, while people driving hundreds of miles to support the the former president. mr. carter told them he is not planning to takes it easy. he will continue to work at
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emery university. he will travel to nepal in november with happen tat for humanity. >> but if god's willing and i'm able and my doctors agree i will go forward with habitat week and i'm looking forward to that. so i will continue within the bound of my physical and mental capability. >> the turnout at the church was so big yesterday, about 300 people had to go to a nearby high school. so then former president carter went over to the high school and gave a second sunday school message. >> that was nice he went over there to hear it as well. >> man, 90, he has a lot of energy. >> he has a lot of plans. >> yeah. >> 7:15 is the time. we are looking at things getting active in the tropics. the it is downgraded. 40 miles an hour wind. it will impact many islands in the caribbean. including the caribbean netherland right here where
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there are tropical storm warnings in effect, heading in the direction of, puerto rico, dominican republic, haiti, probably those places, by wednesday, early in the morning. and then after that, we will have to watch the storms closely to see fit strengthens again and see whether it head in the gulf of mexico to the north and florida. satellite radar shows an off shore storm not bothering us. is there a cold front out to the west. there aren't that many cloud witt. but with the build up of heat and humidity today, once that cold front comes closer to us, we could see some pop up showers and thunderstorms, maybe seven or 8:00 o'clock north and west of the city, throughout the rest of the night. if you get anything at all it will be in the early morning hours of tomorrow. the pay off will be lower humidity once again. just what happened on friday after we had thunderstorms and then things got a lot more comfortable over the weekend,
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but this is comfortable right now. sixty-eight in philadelphia. fifty-five in mount pocono. fifty-nine in allentown. sixty-three in wildwood. sixty-five in wilmington. dew point is still okay, in the 50's, lower 60's in some places, starting to get sticky in dover though. little sticky. but calm, calm, calm, calm. >> yes good do you feel zen because you are so come. >> three. >> sue. >> southeasterly wind will get more humid then ideal temperatures of the weekend. eighty-six. today 88. tomorrow with those showers in the morning maybe a then are storm 87 is our high during the the day. wednesday, starts a nice stretch of weather, with sunshine, each day through sunday. starting to get hotter by the end of the weekend but plenty to look forward to weather-wise if this is your last week, bob kelly, i know you have a couple kid starting school next week. this is a week of decent
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weather. >> i pack their bags yesterday, going back to school next week. better to have it calm but moist. we could have moist all over the maps. good morning, everybody. 7:18. south on the 42 freeway heading in to new jersey. we have an accident at 295 heading in to new jersey and back from the shore this morning real heavy on the freeway from the atlantic city expressway all the waste up through that 295 a little sun glare, south on i-95 from cottman into girard. here comes sun glare for the gang north on i-95 from say delaware county and commodore bear. they were pating on that delaware memorial bridge all weekend long and right lane still taken out and disable here downtown, i-95 right on the ramps to the vine street expressway. we have a tow truck on the scene. four septa trolley routes using shuttle bus's long the portion of the line due to
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track work. go to and click on the trolley route and give you point a to point b on the track work. >> have you heard about this international christ is. >> which one. >> sweeping the globe. >> um-hmm. >> apparently the iphone six is taking blurry selfies. >> okay. >> what are we go to go do about this. >> i thought it was me drinking over the weekend. >> apparently there is a problem, so much so they have to recall the iphone six. >> what? >> got to save those selfies, mike. >> but first here's last night's lottery numbers.
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that is a beautiful shot but are your shots from your iphone six getting blurry. i take blurry pictures because i'm an unstable human being. >> i never let you take photos, it will be shaky now i have an excuse. not really because i don't have an iphone six but bob kelly says, and he says some photos are blurry what do we do bit. >> i have an iphone five so i'm in the too worried about this but iphone six we have to turn them back in. >> six plus have a recall attached to them because there is an issue with the camera, not selfie camera, the other camera, it just takes these fuzzy, blurry pictures. apple is saying we will fix it for free, so how do you know fur iphone six plus is being called back? go tour settings menu, fine serial number of your phone and plug it in the support page, the apple support page, for iphone six plus. for the most part if you
7:24 am
bought it between last september and this january it is recall. >> it is only the the six plus though not the six. >> yes, correct, just the plus. >> so, the one that takes really good pictures, mind you. >> yeah, really. >> what would i do i have to take it back to the store. >> yes, you take tonight to the store. you could probably ship it back or one of the carriers and they will fix the camera. >> what cow do without your phone. >> i don't know. >> they probably fix it really fast for you. >> sometimes mike, he likes having those blurry photos, you cannot really see all of the blemishes. >> makes you look better. >> it blurs out my wrinkles, like air brushing. >> yes. >> hey, joe, make that camera go. >> that is a perfect shot of me. >> you have never looked better. >> there are special set lights just for you good no, they went to that. >> darn, like dianne sawyer
7:25 am
lighting, like the size of volkswagen a foot from her face. they went to that for me. by the way, one of my favorite places to be is target stores and target cafes. >> really, what do you get there. >> star bucks, nachos, hot dogs. >> hot dogs. >> i like their ice cream. >> it is not as good as ikea 1 dollar hot dog but target is pretty good. >> target wants to be known as a healthy company, wellness company, one that sells organic food and one way to make that happen toys get rid of the bad stuff, cafes. 40 percent of the people who shop at target go to that cafe. they are doing a test that will affect 14 targets and no more hot dogs, no more junk food. i know that doesn't sound that health bye their pizza is fresh, not bad for you. also, there is a chain out in minneapolis where they are based called that they will have one of those. some of the stores will get,
7:26 am
you ever her of freshii. >> no. >> it is a very healthy fast casual chain doing well and some targets will have that one, as well. >> in more popcorn. they have popcorn at target too. >> really. >> yes. >> these four are getting a healthy make over. >> popcorn is not bad, maybe popcorn will stay. >> it is butter that is a problem. >> yes. >> there is only 14 of these stores doing this. >> it might get to all of the target stores fit works. >> it will spread. >> just like a fungus. >> yes. >> lauren, see you tomorrow. >> beat juice and salad. >> that is why she looks the way she looks. beautiful women. >> we have to beat it, so to speak. >> 7:36. emergens of the drug resistant head lice have parents and schools concerned. what you can do now to protect your family. they say old way to take care of lice will in the work anymore. >> this lice is super lice. it is hard to get rid of,
7:27 am
yuck. quincy is on a great project, watching the guy paint a mural. look at this dude. >> i'm helping him. we will paint a mural. he calls them positive images. we are at broad and chew. we will try to get this done before 10:00. can we make it happen. >> we will make this happen.
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cheerleaders in a work space? some call it, a moral booster. some say it is a moral booster. but, others are calling it, sexist. we will tell you where it is already, common practice but the big topic of the day to day, lice. >> yeah mike, you are calling them super lice, i am calling them mutant lice. rightfully so, considering six to 12 million children in this country diagnosed with the disease every year. >> this news comes as we are's all heading back to school. now, comes word of a drug resistant head lice, being found in 25 states as we approach a new school year. what is a parent to do, to keep their kids safe. i have a doctor we can talk to.
7:31 am
>> hi, doctor judy, good to see you again. >> where are you based. >> jefferson. >> should we stop the shampoos and creams, are they done. >> no, what was found with this study was that there are lice in a number of states who have developed resistance. it doesn't mean all are resistance and what their patterns are, they appear to be gene mutations for things used over the counter. >> we have intern kelce here, we will be demonstrating what you can be doing. >> to find lice. >> we needed to find someone with a lot of lice and kelce is riddled with lice. >> i'm just kidding how do you inspect for lice with your kid. >> you can look at their scalp. basically, you want to look, part the hair, you want to look down the scalp so you are looking at the skin itself and what you are looking for is live lice. you are also looking for nit s, the nit s that are probably
7:32 am
the nit s that have not hatched yet tend to be quarter insurance or less next to the scalp. >> do we have picture of nit s or lice now would be the time to put one up. >> a nit s is pearly, it can be tan, yellow, if you see nit s down here they tend to be matched. they tend to look white. you cannot tell a hatched one from a one that has not hatched. you know really by color but more location. so once the hair has grown outfit is way down here that is not it. >> what are we looking at right there. >> it looks like lice. >> that is hard to say. i'm imaging that is lice there. but they are not moving so they appear to be dead. >> they will would be moving. >> yes, lice tend to move because they are crawling around in your scalp. they feed off of your blood. so they bite you.
7:33 am
that is why they are living down here, and not down here because they need to get your blood. >> that can be a clue when we are looking in our child's scalp you see some things moving. >> yes good there they are. >> here's the thing f they are resistant to creams and shampoos. >> is that what it looks like then, the nit s. >> yes, those are the eggs, yes. >> those are nit s. >> when we see them is what first thing we can do if we cannot use shampoo and cremes. >> we can use them. what they have showed is they are seeing gene mutationness lice throughout the the country. it doesn't mean your specific lice will be resistant to the over the the counter medications, and you can try them, you can also manually remove lice. if you wet the hair and use a rinse, lice cannot hang on real well. you can go in and take out the lice. >> you can pull the nit s off
7:34 am
hair shift. they are cemented on. that is how you can tell the piece of dandruff, nit s don't pull off. but you can, pull them off. if you get all of the nit s and lice and you are diligent you may not to have use any medication, although, usually you have to use something. >> this is where we get nit picking. >> a lot of people have salons you can go and they say it is like $200 too get it out. you can do this at home and save this money. >> there are prescription medicine. you have tried an over counter medicine and tried to manually remove these things and they are still there, then ask your doctor for one of the prescriptions. there are a variety of prescription medications, some you know, will kill the nervous system of the lice. some as fix eighth the lice. you are less likely to develop resistance if you are using medicine. >> the sick lar of lice is l
7:35 am
ous. >> what about people talk about tea tree oil put a little in your shampoo they seem to think you won't get it. >> there is a lot of things used, olive oil, mayonnaise, vase line, technically to smother them. but, you know, that may or may not work. it hasn't been studied in the same way. >> last question, so what is this deal about what drug resistant l ous. >> drug resistant lice they have gene mutations, there is a genetic, they have gotten smart. if you were always being killed by some product, your body would eventually mutate, thaw will in the die, okay. so they have gotten smart. they have gene mutations that prevent these medications from working on their nervous system. if you have at least three of those gene mutations you will be pretty resistant to the medication. if you have one or two you may not be as resistant.
7:36 am
the lice have gotten smart. >> you say go try traditional method and a after that go for something stronger. >> in pennsylvania, it was not one of the states that was studied. i looked that up and the 30 states looked at, pennsylvania pennsylvania wasn't on the list. >> new york, the new york nit s. >> all right, mike. >> seriously. >> all of the school nurses around the the area i'm sure have dealt with this and they have seen this. >> yes, the recommendation no longer is don't go to school if you have lice. first of all, lice aren't going to kill you. they are annoying, irritating, they will itch but they do not carry disease. you will not die. >> doctor, we're done here. you are the the best. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. >> you might want to wash that out. >> yes.
7:37 am
>> so where are we going. >> sue, take ate way. >> luckily bus stop buddy has ten hairs on his head so even if there was a little will, creature in there we would get it out quickly. muggy the doggies with us, because, thank you muggy, it will be more humid to day but nice right now, temperatures in the 50's and 60's in the city, we have 68 degrees, seven percent relative humidity, phillies game tonight, new york mets, and 48 t 7:05. cloud around but should be a decent night at the ballpark. we are looking at a high of 88 e clouds and showers tonight. that is your weather authority forecast. 88 degrees, the high temperature. >> bob, good luck focusing. >> just one of those crazy, mornings. >> only on monday. >> we have a live look at the vehicle fire here, philly fire
7:38 am
fighters did a quick job dousing the flames here. nobody hurt. obviously not a good way to start your monday as we head west on the schuylkill expressway, just past, this city avenue off ramp. so we are bumper to bumper to bumper anyone leaving center city heading out toward city avenue. there you go 10 miles an hour trying to head up the hill in toward conshohocken and delay south on the i-95 from the betsy down through girard. we will stay we will grab a cup of coffee and we will come right back.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at tech companies in china hiring press would i man to mote veil male employees to difficult a better job. they have been dubbed programming cheerleaders. here's pictures posted on facebook. women chat with the men, they play ping-pong, and, then they can buy them breakfast. role, to create a fun work environment for men. hr managers says cheerleaders help male employees who are just terrible at socializing. in the case are wondering, human resources say so far
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cheerleaders have greatly improved job efficiency and drive but you know is there always critics who say why do hiring women to cheer, why not hire women to to code and do these jobs, that the men are doing. >> this will never fly in the you had of america. >> it will never. >> but it would be nice. >> hi, while i read this next story will you yell out nicely done mike, go, mike, go. >> why not as co-worker encourage each other why do we need women cheerleaders. >> they think that they are in the having any social skills and they are not interacting, so by bringing these women in they front conversations and get these men in social settings. >> a little. >> why don't we try it. could you find some palm, palm's and something. >> and come downstairs. >> every time we do a story, at the end, yeah, yah. >> go, team, go. >> i will cheer for people up here working hard, you have to
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find someone else. >> i haven't seen a herky. >> yes. let's get back to ashley madison because this will not go away. >> among names on the ashley madison hack list, the florida prosecutor who made national headlines for another reason. >> we will reveal this person next. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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all right. >> you know, it is musical accompany. all morning long right here on fox 29. now there is a look at jim thorpe where it is a cool morning, temperatures in the lower 50's there this morning but we're expecting southeasterly wind and, ahead of the cold front warmer and little more humid. a few storms later on in the day, we can check on that. but high pressure will be building in and we have a great forecast for rest of the week, after tonight and early tomorrow morning. so a quick look at satellite radar picture, in clouds to show you, or just a few and then cloud do increase tonight. we have widely scattered thunderstorms between say six or 8:00 o'clock through midnight and then 4:00 in the morning or so at the shore as that cold front pushes off the
7:47 am
coast and we will get sunshine by tuesday afternoon. today 88. little more humid. that will not last. once that cold front comes through. we have a high of 87 tomorrow. maybe a few showers overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. a thunderstorm could pop up as well. nice stretch of weather starts on wednesday and last all the waste through the weekend and then by sunday we will be close to 90-degree, once again, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning. sue got that vehicle fire that is out but causing a big delay westbound on the schuylkill expressway. right at city avenue off ramp there. not a good way to start but jammed up from center city all the way up. southbound 42 freeway for anyone heading in to new jersey, coming off of the walt whitman there is an accident southbound right at the 295 interchange causing a bigger delay for folks coming back from the shore on a monday morning, we're heavy from the expressway all the way up in toward the whitman. is there your speed meter reading 13 through i-95, ten on the schuylkill because of
7:48 am
that vehicle fire, coming in on 422, sun glare coming and that saint gabriel's curve and then on the ben franklin bridge starting to see a backup here at 7:47 from the tolls up and over into downtown at eighth and vine, mike and alex, back to you. love to see this head line on the back of the daily news, knee jerk, that guy is the person they are calling the jerk because he went after that guy's knee. >> i will called it a suggs shot. >> okay. >> eagles quarterback sam bradford's knee was tested during saturday night's preseason game against those ravens. >> yes, some are calling it a cheap shot on the bird sixth offensive play of the game, sean brace from philly influencer. >> .com. >> nicely done. >> philly >> yes, that is correct. >> of course, it was. 100 percent it was. jason peters came out left
7:49 am
tackle and said as much. i think he is spot on, with the announcement that suggs practiced against us for last three days, he knew exactly when the opportunity presented itself. this is what he would have done. he went low. that is my biggest beef. he knew the history, suggs talked about it after the game. he talk about bradford's knee surgery. he knows health history with the quarterback. so for me it was hundred percent dirty. it was flagged. it was low. it was late. >> ball was out of his hands. >> what do they call that play. >> that would be read option, run option. >> you are susceptible for that kind of move in read option play. >> because quarterback can keep it, even though it does president look like sam bradford was trying to hold on to the ball. i have no problem with the hit but when you go low on a guy with history with knee surgeries like torn acl last august. >> will suggs be suspended. >> not suspended probably fine, would i imagine he will
7:50 am
get a pay fine. >> after that, then bradford got nailed. >> watch this. >> wow. >> but this is good. >> we want this. >> little hit. this isn't pad i cakes. the it is football. this is what we want. we wanted him to get hit a bit. get the bubble wrap autopsy of him. eagles have a big game against green bay packers. third preseason game. expect to see bradford play for the first half i'm hoping. >> overall what did you think of the eagles performance. they seem like they are on fire. >> this is a solid, solid team. depth at positions. you are talking about just compared to the previous two years with chip kelly, that is all i want to talk b i don't want to talk about wins and losses. this team is more stack and ready to play, anding ago begins heavy hitters against seattle seahawks, green bay packers and dallas cowboys, then the previous two seasons before.
7:51 am
start getting excited about this team, guys. >> how about demarco murray seeing him out there, nice trio, demarco murray, matthews and sproles. >> and then there is tim tebow. >> he didn't do so well on saturday. >> no, no. it comes down to this, what type of guy does chip kelly want for that third string position. does he want the guy who brings basically what matt barclay -- excuse me what sam bradford and mark sanchez or does he want that running element involved in his third string quarterback. that will play into his decision making whether he keeps matt barclay or tim tebow. it is easy matt barclay looks better then tim tebow. >> yes. >> we have to get to this chris carter, who must be on what monday night football tonight. >> that is correct, tonight. >> what happened. >> so, basically the nfl hires chris cart tore speak at rookie symposium for past couple seasons. i don't remember how many years. he is not a bad guy to have
7:52 am
speak to the rookies about things that the nfl likes. things you have to worry about. your crew, all that. so, last year while he is speaking at rookie symposium chris carter talks about a fall guy in your crew as if everybody will end up going to jail. >> do we have that sound. >> let's play it. he is giving advice to rookies, you will get get in trouble if you don't behave. >> if you don't have a crew make sure you know will be the fall guy, okay. i know none of y'all will never drink, late, none of y'all will ever use no drugs, you will all go to bible study. but still get you a fall guy. >> so somebody you can blame your bad behavior on so you don't get to jail. >> somebody to go jail for you guy in the background was warren sap who was just arrested for domestic violence and fired from the nfl. great guys to line up to speak to your rook business life in the nfl.
7:53 am
>> well, what he says is true, i mean, there is so many pitfalls when you are a star player. >> yes. >> but you shouldn't have a fall guy. >> a fall guy. >> really. >> a fall guy. >> he has apologized. >> he has apologized yes but he probably won't be speaking to the rookies moving forward i can guarantee you that. >> everybody will get to jail. this came out just real quick because of an espn magazine article and guy that spoke to the writer for espn, rookie said i was so offended i felt like i wanted to leave the room but didn't want a attention drawn to him. >> chris murphy, is my fall guy. >> bob kelly my go to guy. >> johnny marks was your fall guy. >> thanks. >> let's check in with quincy because he is helping, he has one of the most weird outfits i have ever seen him wear. what is that? >> what does it say. >> really. >> i'm trying to be prepared,
7:54 am
guys. we are at broad and chew, i have artist isaac ikey. he gave me all this stuff to get prepared. we are getting ready. we're making murals or are they positive images. >> art installations, positivity in the neighborhood, you know, helping the community. >> so you were telling me a lot of people like to, when they are in these different communities you like to insulate them. we will do this, we will be back. i will help when request day comes back.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
we have bit even off more we can chew, and, quincy, where is that by,. >> yes. >> i think the wall is too big
7:58 am
to finish tonight two hours. quincy? >> okay. we have a lot of pressure broad and chew. we have isaac ikey a world renowned artist, painter, murallist, now, how long does it, how long does a regular mural, how long does it takes. >> it can take weeks or months depending on how much time you have but we will have a mini mirror today and basically get back to the community, you know. >> positive images. >> we have two hours. >> what is all this right here. >> we like to do a little, and, spray cans. >> it will make it look amazing. >> we will use this apron. so you have none of that
7:59 am
stuff. >> i want you to start off, here, and, and do whatever you feel. >> is this hard doing it on a wall like this. it is more difficult, and, you are doing a real willly good job. >> i like how you are live on tv. >> try to get circular motionness there. >> get this. >> you want to get that whole effect. >> yes. >> you are from the city. you are from philadelphia. you put like different positive messages or murals around the city. >> in too time of the day we need any positivity with the neighborhood, the youth and just give them, inspiration whether it is something they see or talk to the older person in the neighborhood. whatever i can do with my talent lets get it done. >> okay. mike jerrick said we may have bit off more we can chew on
8:00 am
broad and chew but we have two hours. we have to get it moving. >> tell mike yearrick we will have a sandwich once we are done and bringing it back to the station. >> i can chew that. >> wow. >> okay. >> i like that we're trying to guess what kind of mural this is. >> it looks like the world. >> but they will go outside circle. >> he wants quincy to be more avon guard, like his bathroom or something. >> okay. >> well, we will watch that develop over the neck few hours. what do you think he is creating there. it is monday, august 24th, 2015. we have some questions? well your answers are just hour away what the city is revealing today to ease your fears. plus, we have a baby wipes
8:01 am
bomb shell. huggies in hot water after a mom found glad charred in several packages but the the company is firing back. the plus why they won't recall this product. >> and one direction, the beloved boy bandies breaking up, why they are set to go their separate ways. >> a local woman facing an uphill battle, she has multiple brain tumors but she's not letting anything stop her, how she's taking on life's challenge with her challenge of her own. she wants to just air guitar challenge. >> okay. >> so why don't you take right now with your little cell phone, maybe your kid, doing air guitar and send it to us. >> use that hashtag fox 29 good day so we can see it. we will all do a little air
8:02 am
guitar challenge. >> put it on instagram, facebook, twitter. >> good air guitar songs. >> stevey ray vaughn. >> van halen. >> yes. >> aero smith. >> right. >> that one, springsteen. >> of course. >> get to it. we will get to the number of the day. it is eight out of ten. there is bus stop buddy, sun gleason today, a mix of sun and clouds. we are off to a cool start, this morning in the 50's but muggy the doggies there. humidity is coming back today and it is at 73 percent. we have mix of sun and clouds. 71 degrees already and we expect to get in the upper 80's by end of the day. north and west of the city we could see pop up thunderstorm anytime after 6:00 o'clock this evening. otherwise, a bit more humid but pretty decent day with a high of 88 degrees. feeling like august out there, later on, bob kelly.
8:03 am
>> i went blank because mike said van halen, they canceled van halen concert over weekend at hershey park. >> why? >> problems. >> they are expect to be here in camden on thursday. they say hopefully they will be okay. we will keep an eye on. that live lot at blue route. 476. sun glare popping out through delaware county. we had an earlier accident gone at 8:03. heading south up and over whitman in new jersey and accident right at that 295 interchange and into monday, a lot of folks come back right in the the office, freeway heavy from the expressway on in. here's your speed meeting reading southbound i-95. unlick i 13 from cottman to girard. schuylkill slow westbound in the city all because of an earlier vehicle fire. 422, slow from oaks and king of prussia and so far so good on 202 rolling up from west chester. mike and alex, back to you. pennsylvania attorney
8:04 am
general kathleen kane is due in a montgomery county courtroom for a priest limb nature i hearing. judge is expected to decide if kane will go on trial. kane is charge with perjury and several other offenses. she's accused of leaking grand jury critics. she then lied about the the leak. pennsylvania governor tom wolf and other democrats have urged kane to step down however she's vowed to remain in office. west chester university students heading back to class are hopeful legionnaires bacteria detect hats been cleaned up. university officials say legionella bacteria was found in the hot water systems in several buildings. in fact ten buildings were found. school shut off hot water this weekend so crews could decontaminate the cooling towers. concern comes weeks after a employee tested positive for legionnaires which is a severe form of pneumonia, back in july. as you know pope francis is coming 32 days to go, 32. so, today organizers with the world meeting of families will
8:05 am
release what they are calling the papal play book. any questions you have about getting around town, or other questions, will be answered they say by this web site. >> it is not like folks should expect too able to drive their cars right up, hey, i'm here let me park along 20th street i'm good and i will just go in. >> so again it is not really a book. it is a web site. on it, there are things like how to participate in the services, you know, when masses are, when they are, et cetera, how to get around the city, and even what to do, with your pet. now that is interesting. we have a link to the papal play book, on our web site at my fox well, a mother out in the state of the california said she found little pieces of glass in baby wipes, made by the huggies people. >> she posted a video on facebook showing everyone her discover rip and other worried parents claim they are finding
8:06 am
sharp fragments in their wipes too. huggies says in the so fast. company says they are still safe. >> absolutely, they are standing by, no recall here, even after that moth i in southern california, posted a video of what she says is glass, in her daughter's baby wipes. take a look at this. >> if you can see, all of the stuff shining on the wipes, that is all glass, that is all glass shards, okay. all we have to does wipe and glass comes off. let's rupp it and get a piece off here so i don't think i'm crazy. look at that. i'm not lying, my gosh, so heart broken that i didn't notice this sooner. >> that video, you just saw right there has had 6.5 million views so far. a a lot of concerned parents.
8:07 am
now huggies for their part says what this mom found is not glass. they explain in the statement on the company's facebook page that ace while this condition is not normal it does happen infrequently during the manufacturing process. when combined the finers in our wipes have occasion created shiny particles, similar that looks found by this parent. company added it does not use glass in the manufacturing process, of their wipes. that facebook video has been viewed up to 7 million times, as other parents claiming they found similar particles in addition to that statement by the way huggies is responding to each individual comment, and concern, on their facebook page. >> well, they will be busy all day, every day. >> they are admitting there are particles on the wipes then. >> that are not harmful and that there is no glass anywhere near manufacturing process so they don't know how they would be a concern about glass. >> i don't know how they would alleviate that particles. >> that mother went on to say
8:08 am
she's heart broken because of her poor child for all this time she feels like it has been subjected to this glass. they are sailing that is not the case. would you know fur kiddies hurting if do you. that i have two smaller ones. >> even if they are not particles i don't want them on my wipes if i'm using them on the child. >> huggies says every now and then these manufacturing process show up. they have to find out how to get rid of those particles. >> it doesn't mean it is okay just because it happens every now and then. >> they have more explaining to do on that. >> all right then. >> all right, thanks. more fall out this morning in the wake of the ashley in madison scandal. >> if you have over 30 million people involved, famous people their name will come out. >> i just can't wait to find out who else was on the list. >> i'm one of them. >> two law firms in canada filed a lawsuit begins the cheating site. >> according to the new york post, the lawsuit say that the suit is on behalf of all
8:09 am
canadians who have been affect by the hack. so they are blaming the web site for what the hackers did to them. meantime a well known attorney has been exposed to the hack. jeff ashton, rose to fame when he prosecuted the kacie anthony case, you have seen this case, a hundred times, on tape. ashton says he had had a subscription on the infamous cheaters web site. >> he came forward after someone hack the web site and release add monk other things 37 million e-mail addresses. his profile reportly said, i'm looking for fantasies that we can act out. >> okay. >> ashton is father of six and says although he was a member he never had an affair. i guess he was just checking it out for research. >> well, just maybe, i mean, i bet majority of the people didn't have affairs they just like tit lacing, have somebody talk back to them and have a fantasy in their head.
8:10 am
i don't know if he cheated or not, who knows. we will never know. >> i'm he sure there will be more names for sure. >> oh, yes. >> 37 million. >> yes. >> one a day all week i'll bet. who is more likely to file for divorce, man or woman. >> is there a superior sex when it comes to signing those papers. >> really. >> but first a new direction for one treks. you remember our reaction when zane left what are you telling me. the boy bandies breaking up. >> yeah. >> they are set to go their separate ways, we will tell you why and when. >> you know they are supposed to play september 1st in philadelphia, it is coming up.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
it is 8:13. monies here. here's what you are dealing work we have a mixture of sun and clouds. you can see cloud on the satellite picture this but we have a cold front on its way through this evening and ahead of that front, popping up showers and thunderstorms anytime after 6:00 p.m. moving northwest to south east tonight around philadelphia area anytime after that,
8:14 am
middle of the night and in the early hours of tomorrow morning, pop up showers and thunderstorms, you can see nice clearing after that. so now we're in the 60's to the north of us, 71 in philadelphia. sixty's and 07's to the south of us, still on the comfortable side with calm wind but we will be more humid to day and a little more hotter with a high of 88. then cold front tonight into tomorrow morning, means lower humidity. for tuesday afternoon and especially for wednesday, when we start a nice stretch of sunny weather, all the way through sunday but it does start to heat up, by the weekend, that is your seven day forecast, all right bob kelly, i hope things are calming down. >> calming down in one, popping up in the another. jammo from the tolls up and over into downtown at eighth and vine, a monday morning is tough. everybody coming right back from the beach, right into the the office, delays on the 42 freeway, from the expressway, all the way in through bellmawr. we have an accident in south jersey monroe township south
8:15 am
black horse pike right at old black horse pike right off of the route 42, sky fox heading there, we will take you there when they arrive. southbound i-95 normal delays from the betsy on down to girard avenue. even the schuylkill expressway running slow from belmont out and up the hill in towards conshohocken. now mass transit, a couple bus trolley routes are using shuttle buses but otherwise rest of the mass transit system looking good with no delays. >> ♪ >> all right, listen to this, brace yourself, one direction, says this they have decided to go in separate directions, they are supposed to be here in philly a week from tomorrow. >> what do you think this means then. >> lauren, they are still coming, aren't they. >> i don't know so according to the sun newspaper they plan
8:16 am
to take at least a year apart, they want to focus on solo project. so the group has been together for five years. they were discovered in 2010 on the uk's version of the x factor. simon loved them. zane quit the group back in march and according this newspaper they will not tour for their upcoming album. maybe that means they will complete this tour. >> they will. >> but they say, they made the decision while in london last week even, their final show, october 31st. you know news had has prompted major melt downs. one girl says i'm crying, help one direction, can't be splitting up, please, lord. and then when i thought zane, leaving, stop crying, expect this, i had hear this, my life is over. i'm not going to get over this. >> hey lauren, do me a favor. >> i will. >> go on the internet i bet new crying video have been made overnight. >> do you want me to find them. >> they are just dramatic.
8:17 am
>> band hasn't confirmed yet so rumors are swirling. people say liam will look into becoming a dj and harry is rumored to be interested in pursuing an acting career in hollywood. he was first one to sort of bring up this whole idea of splitting up after zane left the band. >> i think i know what it is. >> yes, beatles, it happens. >> in the group and you get courage and say i can do this on my own why split monday five ways. >> or there is this, ticket sales. >> they are down. >> people think this is our last chance to see one direction, all together and i need to go see them now. >> on stub hub they are going for really cheap the ticket for september 1st cops earth. >> they have not confirmed it. let get this rumor out there, get people talking. >> break up before we lose interest. >> yes. >> before we're over you. >> here's another thing you might look for harry styles
8:18 am
keeps falling down at concerts. right on his bum. >> he has problems performing right now. >> apparently. >> seriously. >> maybe he is clumsy. >> what are you saying, kit cat kline? $56 for a one direction ticket. >> that is it. >> that is cheap. >> $66 and they have to split that how many different ways. hepp to a lot of $56 ticket. >> have you found crying video already. >> thank you. >> lauren johnson. >> see you later. >> you very nice today. you look like a 40's, like a star, movie star. >> where are you going with this. >> wait a minute. >> pop of color. >> yes. >> i love those lips. >> thank you. >> kobe bryant who spent a lot of his life here in lower merion may get another ban tore hang in the staples center where he plays basketball but this time it
8:19 am
wasn't for him. >> he came on stage during taylor swift's sold out concert. >> yes good to unveil a banner for the singer. >> is that what you mean. >> yes. >> look at that. >> most sold out performances. >> yes. >> the most sold out shows at any l.a. venue. she's broken a record commemorating her achievement of pop diva, taylor swift, is no stranger to impressive accomplishments but this one seem to give her a good surprise. i think she was legitimately surprised here. kobe bryant, came on stage during her concert. this was on friday night to tell her the news that she broke this record. the she's only four banners behind the five time champ. >> and you know, kobe bryant. >> what? >> the the lakers have all those banners. >> yes. >> here's the other thing, good that he came out. it was his birthday weekend. nice that he came out. >> he was paid a hundred thousand dollars to do it is
8:20 am
that what it was. >> no. >> i was kidding. i don't know what he was paid. >> mom and daddies your relationship in the ruth. >> guys, thinks for you you. >> one thing you should to at home that will save your marriage. >> bob kelly. >> just one thing. >> what is that. >> but first floyd may weather did you see this he just spent millions on this new ride. >> what did you say. >> millions. only two of them in the world. can you guess how much, how many millions? >> are you kidding me a million-dollar for a car. >> more than a million.
8:21 am
8:22 am
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to grow up without a whole lot of money. and how much it matters to save. i try to teach that to my daughter. i'm saving for a house and i don't want my money to go to bank fees. i'm sure you don't either. so ask me about one deposit checking. next time you have a question about avoiding fees, ask me. sincerely, samantha parke, fellow mom and fellow citizen.
8:23 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ this is a really, rare, and expensive car. >> probably why i haven't heard of it then it is most expensive car ever been made. it is swiss. it is only two of them in the world. and now floyd may weather, has one. >> all right. can you guess how much it cost. >> with the under coating, it
8:24 am
is five million-dollar. >> he got under coating. >> so floyd posed with this new toy that you want to call it, yesterday, described it as an ultra boutique car for super rich. >> the the carries a a swedish car, the word, trevarietya, a hyper car, which is certainly a step above super car. >> wow. >> man, that guy, really likes to spend money. >> he has money to spend. >> you know people have expensive cars and they go to the parking lots and they park on the other side away from everybody. how far away would you park that car when you go to the grocery store. >> would i park it somewhere around atens greece. >> far away. >> i would be so worried someone would hit it and do something. >> guys are do, they will park it way out in the park lot and at an angle. >> yes. >> you have to key that car,
8:25 am
state law. >> that is terrible. >> i have a whole set of keys. >> and then you just run. >> would you not want floyd coming after you. >> no, punch me right in the face. >> 8:25. explain to me what a what sit called. >> a dove smash is. >> they can lip sing and it matches you up with whatever song or phrase you are trying to do. >> kit cat kline do you follow bill anderson. he did two yesterday. he was getting pancakes for the crew. so he was in the restaurant in olde city. maybe we will play it for you. green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers and his girlfriend olivia m u.n. >> they are loving this app dub smash. we will check out some fun they were having. >> yes.
8:26 am
>> aaron definitely showing his softer side. the couple also went back and forth lip singing sarah mclaughlin i will remember you and some lines from the princess bride, he lost it. and amazing hot people make you do. >> that is for sure. >> here's bill anderson from yesterday. >> because he is getting doughnuts and waffles for the the crew. >> yes. >> you have to love bill anderson. >> is jen here. >> he is watching right now, hi bill, good morning. >> hi bill. >> we have to stop the show. this woman is great. local will woman, facing, a battle, she has multiple brain tumors but she's not letting anything stop her. she's just a adorable. we're going to do the
8:27 am
challenge, and it is not ice bucket challenge but this is a air guitar challenge about what she's going through. the she's here. you'll meet her. i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank.
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8:29 am
8:30 am
who is more likely to file for divorce, men or women? superior sex when it comes to signing those papers. >> is it good or bad. >> check out this wedding cake, ladies and gentlemen. it looks fairly normal, right is this wait until you see the other side of it. how one groom got his way,. well, you know what, this past december, 42 year-old jennifer pennel was diagnosed were not one but three brain tumors. >> yes. >> while jennifer's tumors are not cancerous she faces uphill
8:31 am
battle and she decided to take on this life challenge with a challenge of her own. now it is called rock out to brain tumor for the challenge. >> here's a challenge to the great, just like als challenge, calling out three people, to please all do this. here it goes, i will be the first within because this is the creation. it is called being out, brain tumors. >> ♪ >> welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me here. >> where did you grow up. >> i started out in kensington and then moved up to tacony, went to saint hubert's high school, born and raised in philadelphia, in the torresdale section now and i guess because i was brought up in the neighborhoods, i was
8:32 am
brought up in, i'm a fighter, and i'm not taking this diagnosis lying down. >> when were you diagnosed. >> i was diagnosed just this past december right before christmas. that was my christmas gift. >> i go to jefferson every month. i see babies, infant, all kind of people and it is just so depressing sitting there. they are there because of the same reason i'm there. there is not a lot of funding for brain tumors. i found out through fun raising event that i have been involved in, it makes me feel i'm in control of the disease that does have control of me. >> where are they. >> i have two on the right frontal lobe of the brain and one on the left front lobe of the brain. >> but they are not cancerous. >> but they are not cancerous but they affect my central nervous system. >> i'm in excruciating pain, i go through episode. if this was july i wouldn't be here because it was a bad month good what can they do. >> i'm on medication management, there are or things i can do, radiation,
8:33 am
surgery which is very risky. i'm just not there yet. i go every month to jefferson hospital to get these babies checked and i was a telling alex, the the reason i i picked rocked out music is therapy put i can. i can get in my car and i hear a great song. i turn it up. i'm in another world. i'm rocking out. i'm good. it is therapeutic. >> what do you want to us do then. >> what would i like and i have a when site that people can go on to actually donate to the national brain tumor society. but what i want you to do is have fun, rock out and do something fun for something that is so serious and devastating. >> people are already doing it. >> they are. i just created this last monday. >> wow. >> do you want to see one. >> let's see one. >> i want to challenge by my name nancy hirschman to do the brain tumor air guitar
8:34 am
challenge. >> ♪ >> people are having fun with this. >> the the video say, challenge three people, if they decide not to do it, what do they do. >> i asked them to go on the web site which i have, and, the web site which i hope you guys can post it, but https polling/ntbs events dot brain out brain tumors. >> okay. >> this is what we will do we will put that on my fox >> i like how you said if you decide not to do it, five to $10 donation. >> please, please you said maybe you can save a life, even mine and that stuck with me. >> this is going toward research to find a cure for so many of us, so many children, with brain tumors, and if it doesn't happen in my lifetime,
8:35 am
maybe it will happen in the next generation and i'm satisfied with what i did in my life if i can help somebody. i do have a goal, i have a goal to raise $10,000. >> we will help you out right now. >> you're cool. >> so are you. >> thank you. >> challenge alex. >> you are challenged. >> all right. let's rock out then. >> what song do you want, kit cat kline can get it. >> i think we will do a little will, bear with me, because i'm doing this for you. >> you can rock out to any kind of music. >> i will do who that lady then. >> how about that. >> ♪ that is good, alex. who is is that lady. who do you challenge. >> i challenge mike jerrick,
8:36 am
mike jerrick, bob kelly, chris murphy, get on up there, boys. >> all three. >> in other word the boys are back in town. >> ♪ >> you have really started something. we wish you the best. we will put the link up on our web site. we are rocking out. >> yes. >> let's rock out. >> let's go. >> ready. >> ♪ >> thursday night, camden, susquehanna center. >> ♪ >> all right, sue, you have your air guitar, sue.
8:37 am
>> oh, what a tough act to follow. >> yes. >> i'm right here. >> might as well, jump. >> here we go, yeah, it is a pool. >> jump. >> jump. >> we will see, a high later on of 88 degrees, temperatures are in the 60's and 70's. have your shade. be prepared for a little bit more humidity. there you go, 88, mix of sun and cloud, pop up thunderstorm late in the day and tonight, overnight low of 70 degrees. after working up a sweat bob kelly, maybe you will need to jump in the pool. >> today is a pool day, you have to go through your phone and find out your friend who have some a will pool. here's a live look at i-95 southbound back up from approaching the betsy ross bridge, down through girard. morning rush hour underway but no problems on the bennie
8:38 am
working your way mid span into downtown at eighth and vine. we have that accident here in new jersey, can we go, sky fox over the scene of the black horse pike at old black horse pike, it looks like a nasty head on crash here, police are and fire crews on the scene, just off of the route 42 freeway so expect delays, working your waste out of the driveway and where you are going this morning. mass transit looking good, alex, back to you. >> crowd goes wild, college students say a unbelievable half court shot but what does he win? oh, we will tell you incredible prize next
8:39 am
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8:41 am
and she shot it and made it and now free tea wigs.
8:42 am
>> yes, the the state of illinois. randomly select from the crowd to make this shot. with that he is only second student to make half court shot in three years. >> i love this. >> this is better than one time, he gets a free semester. >> yes. >> he does go to ball state. shouldn't he be good. >> that is true. >> ball fame as you alumni of ball state. >> i have no idea. >> david letterman. >> really. >> yes, look at that. >> lets check in on this mural this dude says in two hours he could paint a entire wall. now he had has a heart going. >> it is a positive message, we have this part right here. we have a three part mural going on and we have a crowd. >> it is coming up next.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
a picturesque look at wayne county, way up there in the pocono mountains, lovely this morning, clear skies, it has been cool up in the poconos this morning, and for us, it looks like a pretty
8:46 am
decent day but do be prepared for warmer temperatures, and eventually, for a little bit of rain. so at 8:46 in the morning. we will go through your weather headlines right here, there we are. with clouds, increasing by end of the day and warmer then yesterday. brief shower, storms possible, tonight into tomorrow morning, and the dry weather will return. the stretch of weather that we have in store for you starting on wednesday is just lovely. lower 80's thursday and friday, and then heating up just in time for the weekend, so, just a little bit of rain tonight into tomorrow morning, mike and alex, and then, mike and alex, we will be ready, for a hot weekend, last weekend of august coming up. >> somebody just sent me a video of their parrot rocking out air guitarring. >> it is margot. >> i got a picture of margot watching the the weather on
8:47 am
tv. it is on twitter. >> tweeting. >> tweeting. >> get it. >> among many things our city is known for probably over 3,000 beautiful murals, by the way, if you get a chance go near seventh and chestnut there is a new one up. >> this one is a glimpse of the the new one coming together around this show and we are trying to get quincy, what mural this is. >> have you been shot. >> well, guys, this is the thing, alex and mike, when you are an artist like me, this is what the the war wound are. we're at broad and chew. this is where we are. he is painting a message. it is a mural with a message. what do you think the message will be right here. >> love the world and have world love love you back. >> love the world and world
8:48 am
will love you back. >> love the world. >> how about you, sir. >> love the world and love yourself. >> love the world and love yourself. we have art right here. we have a world. we have another heart.. >> world peace. >> love in the world. >> how about you. >> unaudible. >> it looks like earth, and i don't know what the hearts me. >> okay, all right. we have a lot of guesses. i know what it will be. we cannot tell the people until we reveal it. what else have we been doing. >> of course, thinks a big heart. >> yes. >> it looks like your heart. >> thank you. >> i'm glad you recognize that. >> it is a special paint you put on right here. >> it is a wall acrylic like a
8:49 am
primer. >> mike guessed last hour it is a globe. is what the detail of this right here. >> well, it is a hard acrylic and came back with a little bit of spray paint to give it a little pop. keep it nice and vibrant. >> as you can see, who is the expert. i have a lot of paint on me. >> well, with your assistance, you know what i mean, thank you for having me. >> we will let him get this done and what the message is. do you have a guess what the message is. >> i know the president will give a policy speech on queen air is there a a fourth panel after the other heart. >> is there a fourth thing after the other heart. >> i don't think so. >> we will get it done, guys. >> love the earth and the earth -- >> we don't know what the fourth panel is, he had has something planned for the other heart.
8:50 am
>> we will wait and see. >> that is exactly what we will have to do, alex. >> all right, then mike. we have a cuteness overload, the old c-o, twin pandas at the national zoo in d.c., even though that doesn't look like a panda, it looks like a -- never mind.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
we have to show this panda video from the national zoo in washington d.c. very optimistic that these little bit i panda twins are going to survive. >> so they say a technique developed by a panda breeders
8:54 am
in china should ensure that the cubs, survive, pant a keepers will perform the delicate task of swapping cubs every few hours as they each get a chance to nurse and bond with its mother. their mother gave birth to the two cubs five hours apart on saturday. >> baby panda a are born quite in need of maternal care. they have not been able to thermal regulate very well. they need to be receiving calories and fuel for the furnace. >> doctors say they have been speaking with their chinese collogues constantly since they are experts. if the cubs survive they would be there 17 year-old mother's third and fourth surviving off spring. >> now i believe she was artificially inseminated, look at him wiggling around. again, i got the to say, it is weird that they are so small, coming out of such a large animal. >> they are so cute. >> she cannot even find it.
8:55 am
>> is she pulling it out. there is the little one in its hand right there or paw would i guess. >> paw. >> is anybody going back to school today in our area, anybody at all. >> exciting time for the kids but grab the tissues the five types of mothers who as you might meet on the first day of school coming up.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
♪ >> mike, do you like that song. >> the reason we're playing it is, is there an interesting idea in the work place, about
8:59 am
cheerleaders. >> yes. >> well, we will have some fun with that. >> by the way, people are tweeting, school lane charter school in bensalem, first day of school today. >> that is right. >> yes. >> first philadelphia prep charter, first day to day, there are kid back to school. >> yeah. >> that time of the year lauren. >> we were just talking about what kind of mom are you when you are in school, taking pictures, posing in the hallway. >> apparently there are five different types of moms including the weeper which is sue serio. we will explain that in a second. i mentioned you had a 40's look about you today and somebody tweeted this picture. this is the the idea. the see, isn't she attractive. >> it is not the dress. >> you cab not see it. >> it is the look, the pop of color. >> pop of color. >> look at camera one. >> do the pose, put your arm
9:00 am
up. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah, baby. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you august 24th, 2015. moms, dads, is your relationship in a ruth. guys, i think this is more about you. the one thing you should be doing at home, to save the marriage. and it is not sex. >> plus check out this wedding cake, so it looks normal, right. >> sure. >> wait until you see the other side. how one groom got his way coming up. >> butt side of the cake. >> compromise. >> and the woman reportedly responsible for breaking up ben and jen, she could have a naughty million-dollar deal in the works. where you could see her neck. >> she likes to get around if you know what i mean. she's the one that was on the private jet with tom brady a's four super bowl rings. um-hmm.


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